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Services We Offer

Firearm Transfers $35
Sight Installation $40
Scope Mount & Bore Sight $40
Cleaning & Lubricating $40 (All Firearms) (Additional fees may be added depending on the condition of the firearm and the extension of the work involved; i.e. rusted, broken, jammed parts, etc.)

Professional Appraisels with Research & Photo  $40

Firearms Repair – Prices Vary Depending on Parts Needed and Labor Required


Firearms Repair

Repair Services

  • Disassemble, clean, inspect, lubricate & reassemble your guns and rifles.
  • Remove corrosion and touch-up finish.
  • Repair burred or damaged parts with files & stones.
  • Replace defective parts with factory-made replacements, hand-fitting as necessary.
  • Add after-market customizations:
  • sling-swivels
  • recoil-pads
  • iron-sights
  • scopes
  • grip caps
  • butt plates
  • Repair and re-finish wooden stock parts.
  • Install (solder) or repair rib on shotgun barrels, or repair double-barrel assemblies.
  • Measure & correct head-space dimensions.
  • Check for excessive bore erosion.
  • Troubleshoot and repair feeding, ejecting & firing problems.
  • Test-fire firearms with conventional loads to ensure proper operation.
  • Glass-bed actions to stocks to improve accuracy.
  • Remove existing metal finish, and re-blue metal parts.
  • Fabricate replacement parts from metal stock.
  • Modify trigger-pull weight through careful stoning of trigger mechanism parts.
  • Replace worn barrels.



The number of firearm accidents have slowly decreased over the past decade, but as a population, the numbers are still too high. Since 2005 the average accidental gun deaths per year is 677. Too often we hear of a citizen’s accidental shooting directly causing the death of another.

How can we minimize these tragedies? The answer is simple, education.

In the concealed carry class you will gain firearm safety knowledge and application. You will learn the universal firearm safety rules used by military and law enforcement.

After acquiring the knowledge, you will be observed as you demonstrate each safetyrule.
In addition to knowledge on firearm safety, you will be given information on all North Carolina state laws on where to carry, how to carry and when you can legally use deadly force to defend yourself.

Benefits of NCCHP Course

Benefits of NCCHP Course:

  • Increased Knowledge of Firearms & Firearm Safety
  • Development of Proper Gun-Handling & Shooting Skills
  • Increased Knowledge of State Laws on the Use of Deadly Force
  • North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit Serves as a Permit to Purchase
  • Top Reasons to Carry Concealed:
  • Self Defense
  • Defense of Others
  • Having a Sense of Confidence & Security
  • Exercise Your Constitutional Right
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